Air France/KLM


Air France-KLM is the main transporter of animals for laboratories in the world. They transport tens of thousands of primates every year from East Asia and Africa to labs in Europe and America. They also transport dogs, cats and smaller animals like mice and frogs. They are the link between the breeders and the vivisectors. Recently many airline companies took a stand against the transport of animals for science, Air France must follow their example.

It’s important that as many people as possible do something during the week of action to show them that all over this planet people are furious and want them to stop transporting those poor animals to a life of pain and suffering in a research lab like Huntingdon Life Sciences in the UK or Covance in the USA.

Go to international airports, find their headquarters or offices in your country, they’ve got agencies and counters everywhere. Make yourself heard for the sake of the animals.

If labs can’t get their animals sent to them, how are they going to do their filthy experiments ? It’s high time to make them feel the heat !

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